Holidays in Ångermanland

Holidays in Angermanland and the "Hoege Kusten" ist the pure relaxation for your body and soul. Escape from the daily stress and find in our beautiful nature and tranquility.

Enjoy the roaring sea or the quietness of wide and untouched forests with their unique fragrance and wildlife. It if the place to be for sporty activities and real adventure trips. For cultural matters. There are quite a lot of tourist attractions nearby, for more information ask at the campings check-in desk or have a look down this site.

Ease said: just find back to yourself in this unspoiled and wonderful nature. In the midst if this wonderful nature, there is well situated our campingground "Kornsjoegarden Camping", and here you will find the convenience to relax and taking a rest. Allow your family and yourself this spot of the year, with holidays in a beautiful country – with holidays in Sweden.


Beautiful excursions

Here we offer you an overview of the most beautiful trips in here in Angermanland. At our campingsite we have additional information and maps for you. Normally all the sights are reachable within half an hour with your car.

Walking in Skuleskogen Nationalpark

The Skuleskogen Nationalpark is propably the most beautiful excursion resort in the near suurounding, approximately 10 km away from the campingsite. You could walk there for days, finding new untouched places nearly all the time. The highlight of every trip in Skuleskogens are the two cliffs of Slattdalsskrevan, 200 meters long, 40 meters high, 7 meters huge, a result of the extrem land-lifting in this area, which is up to 8mm per year. Slattdalsskrevan is about 200 m above zero, so that you'll have a wonderful view over the park right up to the sea. The hole area of the park is about 3000 hectar, that means you can walk there all day nearly without meeting anyone – a place to relax.

Lighthouse of Skagsudde

The lighthouse is well known by all sailors approaching Örnsköldsvik. At the coast there is a beautiful belt of smooth granite – a good place to enjoy the sun or for a picknick with a great view on the sea.


Have a look at one of the most huge suspension bridge of the world – Högakustenbron was opened in 1997, has a lenght of 1800 meters and is up to 180 meters high! Directly at the north end of the bridge you can find an expert-guided elk-farm – a must-be for every family-trip.

The beach of Kornsjö

Enjoy the summer at the beach of Kornsjö, which is only about 1 km away from our campingsite. Have a look at the really fantastic sunsets...

Gene fornby

Want to explore the life as it was in Iron Age? Then visit Gene fornby, a beautiful Iron Age village near Örnskölfsvik.

Shipping to Trysunda or Ulvön

Take the MF Ulvön to Trysanda or Ulvön to get to know the two most beautiful islands of the coast of Angermanland with its idyllic fisherman's villages.